The nebuliser makes the difference. This is the parameter to which you should pay particular attention

What makes an efficient nebuliser system?

Consider aerosol characteristics

The most important factors are how much medication reaches the lungs and how quickly.

With nebuliser therapy, the amount of medication that reaches the lungs is crucial. The particles that the nebuliser produces from the inhalation solution must be relatively fine in order to be able to get into the lungs. Droplets ≤ 5 µm are therefore also referred to as respirable particles.

The more medication that reaches the lungs per minute, the more efficient a nebuliser system is. There is an objective parameter for efficiency: the Respirable Drug Delivery Rate (RDDR), which describes the respirable dose per minute.

A high RDDR is a sign of an efficient nebuliser device. Watch the video for an easy-to-understand explanation of the RDDR.

Why is the efficiency of a nebuliser system so important? The less time it takes to get the fine particles into the lungs, the easier it is to integrate the inhalation therapy into everyday life.

PARI nebulisers achieve top rankings

PARI nebulisers achieved top ranking in various comparative studies with commercially available nebuliser devices for children and adults.1,2

PARI nebulisers achieve top rankings

Source: Modified after: Walz-Jung H et al., Pneumologie 2018, 72:820–831

This means a high dose of the desired medication reaches the lungs in a short nebulisation time.


PARI nebulisers are gold standard

PARI nebulisers are often recommended in the package inserts of medications for inhalation. Thanks to their world-wide availability and high quality, PARI nebulisers are often used in clinical studies of medications.

1 Walz-Jung H et al., Pneumologie 2018 
2 Walz-Jung H et al., Poster GPP 2013

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Indications for nebuliser therapy

From colds to severe respiratory diseases – nebuliser therapy is a gentle and effective treatment method. Nebuliser therapy is tried-and-tested for chronic respiratory diseases and is becoming an increasingly common treatment for colds.

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