Manufacturing according to the highest standards

Highest quality for your airways

People with respiratory diseases need a reliable and effective therapy. A reliable medical device of the highest quality plays a key role in nebuliser therapy.

Targeted, successful therapy

PARI is synonymous with well designed, efficient products made from high-quality materials with excellent workmanship. So you can expect the best performance, long-lasting functionality and safe hygiene.

Everything from a single source

To ensure safe aerosol performance to meet every need, PARI has always maintained the highest quality standards by manufacturing its products in-house. Its subsidiary PARItec in Bavaria, undertakes all process steps from tool making through to plastics fabrication, assembly and logistics for the finished products.

Highest standards for your airways

The secret to PARI’s quality, which has stood the test of time over decades, is specifically its use of high-quality plastics. Different types are selected depending on the intended purpose: from the stable housings for the compressors known for their durability, to the supple and well-tolerated materials which come into direct contact with the skin, such as baby masks.

To keep germs at bay

In addition to efficient performance and long-term functionality, hygienic safety is of utmost importance: all nebuliser parts including the masks can be boiled and sterilised, and are also suitable for use in hospitals.

Our promise

We use both high-tech systems and assembly by hand: fully automated processes with 100% quality assuranceand personal inspection of the nebulisers mean PARI is able to keep its promise of high quality to its customers, even with high production numbers.

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