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Your partner in respiratory therapy for more than 100 years

From a small-scale manufacturer, to a company with an international reputation for excellence.

PARI was founded in Wuppertal in 1906 and has progressed from a small manufacturer to a globally respected specialist in respiratory therapy. At present, the PARI business group has headquarters in Starnberg, with additional locations in Weilheim (PARItec, production) and Gräfelfing (PARI Pharma, medicinal products and eFlow technology). In addition, there are international subsidiaries and a worldwide distribution network.

PARI gained its reputation in the first half of the 20th century with a revolutionary invention: nozzles These allowed the atomization of solutions into a respirable aerosol. Initially, applications were only possible in clinics and practices. The next ground-breaking step was an electrically-powered, portable inhalation device, which allowed therapy to be carried out at home. PARI continues to develop nozzle-nebulizer technology: for an effective therapy with quality of life.

Another milestone has been the development of nebuliser devices based on oscillating-membrane technology. This allowed much smaller, almost silent devices with faster aerosol production and higher output. This changed a lot for the patients: independent of the power grid, they can now nebulise quietly anytime and anywhere - a great plus in the quality of life. This benefits all user groups, from people who nebulise preventatively to patients with chronic respiratory diseases requiring frequent treatments.

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