“The eFlow Technology device (Trio), is small, quiet, and the 4 minute neb time is great!.”

Emily Laredo, Texas

At PARI Pharma, we have a high level of expertise in all aspects of medication formulation development. With more than 30 scientists and support staff on the pharma development side, we are masters at developing and characterizing formulations optimized to our Advanced Delivery Device platforms, such as eFlow Technology.

Key Strengths:

  • Formulation Technology and Development including:
    • Solutions
    • Encapsulation and taste masking technologies with or without slow release profiles
    • Liposomes
    • Nano-suspensions
    • Nanocapsules
    • Nano-emulsions
    • Lyophilisates
    • Powders for dual chamber systems
    • Drugs not stable in an aqueous formulation
  • Methods Development Characterization of formulations with respect to pH, osmolarity (isotonicity), viscosity, surface tension, refractive index and zeta potential, differential calorimetry
  • Analytical Methods Develpment for drug assay and impurities by GC and HPLC fitted with a variety of detectors, such as UV, PDA, Fluorescence, ELSD, MS-MS
  • Stability Testing of formulations at various conditions according to FDA and ICH Guidelines
  • Particle Size Measurements of formulations via laser diffraction (Malvern) and cascade impaction (ACI, NGI) or cast models such as the Sophia Anatomical Infant Nose Throat (SAINT) model
  • Aerosol Characterization of formulations under breath simulation that mimic real breathing patterns of patients. In-vitro data to determine in-vivo results.
  • Comprehensive Method Validation
  • Preparation of Pharmaceutical Development Reports
  • Regulatory and Clinical Trial Support
  • Project Management to keep your Product Development on Track
  • Resources Through Network Partners
    • Characterization of formulations in epithelial and alveolar cell culture models for the assessment of their tolerability and pharmacokinetics
    • Scale-up of batches including manufacture of clinical trial and production batches