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From a small-scale manufacturer to a company with an international reputation in the medical technology sector.

PARI was founded in Wuppertal in 1906 and has evolved during its more than 100 years of company history from a small manufacturer to a globally respected specialist in respiratory therapy. In 1992, PARI was established in the US and shortly after began marketing the PARI LC Jet Nebulizer in a market that was historically focused on disposables. PARI led the way with reusable nebulizers by educating physicians on patient benefits such as speed of treatment and high respirable output in a device lasting 6 months. Today, PARI is a leader in aerosol therapy and trusted partner to patients, healthcare providers, and clinical partners with a worldwide distribution network.

PARI's early beginnings were focused on developing products for Balneotherapy: bathing in thermal or mineral waters for improved health. Those early devices evolved and were gradually replaced by today’s modern, specialized devices for treatment of respiratory diseases.

PARI established its reputation back in the first half of the 20th century with what was, at that time, a revolutionary invention: nozzles, which made the atomization of inhalation solutions into a respirable aerosol possible. Initially, inhalation applications were only possible in clinics and practices. The next ground-breaking step: a portable inhalation device powered by electricity, which allowed inhalation therapy to be carried out at home. PARI continues to develop its jet nebulizer technology for effective therapy with even more quality of life.

As generations have passed, PARI has created the conditions for ensuring the continuity and reliability of our research and commercial activities. This strong foundation underlies our stability and independence.

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