Inhalation therapy for sinusitis: a tried and tested way to bring relief

People who have recurrent or chronic sinusitis have usually tried several therapies. Often they are disappointed that the treatment attempts did not work. One of the oldest methods in the treatment of breathing difficulties and diseases is one people tend to forget about: inhalation therapy.

Clearing the sinuses: Benefits from fine-particle nebulisation

Nebuliser therapy is an effective and proven way to treat acute and chronic inflammation of the sinuses. Treatment involves the use of aerosols – a mixture of very fine droplets of air, water, salt and medications. The medications are then delivered where they are needed: to the sinuses. In many cases this can ease symptoms and improve quality of life.

The gentle therapy for sinusitis

PARI has been focused and passionate about inhalation therapy for decades. The fruits of our labour are products with a proven track record in the treatment of diseases of the upper and lower airways, and therefore including sinusitis. PARI helps to ease or even cure the symptoms of those affected.



Pulsating aerosol for the treatment of sinusitis.


How to use a nebuliser

Using a nebuliser is easy: Sit upright in front of the device, but make sure you are still comfortable and relaxed. Now switch on the device and take calm breaths.

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PARI NaCl Inhalation Solution

Bring soothing sea air into your living room. Thanks to modern inhalation devices and saline solutions from PARI.

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MucoClear Inhalation Solution

MucoClear Inhalation Solutions

Hypertonic inhalation solutions with a high salt content can loosen mucus.

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