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Customized, drug-specific eFlow® Technology nebulizers are used for the treatment of lower respiratory tract diseases or for non-systemic drug delivery. 

They are based on the eFlow® Technology platform whose core consists of the aerosol head with the vibrating membrane. The nebulizers are characterized by high efficiency and short nebulization times (according to the properties of the drug to be nebulized) as well as high pulmonary deposition of the generated aerosols.

eFlow® Technology nebulizers are specifically tailored to the requirements of certain drug formulations and patient groups. They are usually marketed exclusively as drug-device combination product under license by our pharmaceutical partners.

Optimized eFlow® Technology nebulizers provide …

  • Fast inhalation with low dependence on the patients’ breathing patterns
  • Efficiency – high percentage of the filled volume can reach the lungs
  • Deposition of the drug in the deep lungs is possible
  • Optimized performance with low development efforts and short lead times
  • Easy setup in clinical trials with varying doses
  • Reduced risk in clinical development

The unique and customizable eFlow features and their advantages

Aerosol chamber
(with inspiratory/expiratory valve)

» Stores the continuously generated aerosol during exhalation

» Reduces losses during exhalation

» Produces a bolus effect – a large amount of aerosol is delivered to the patient right at the beginning of the inhalation

» Reduces inter-patient dose variability, e.g., less dependent on inter-patient differences in dead-space volume or breathing maneuvers

Vibrating membrane
(eFlow® Technology)

»  Ensures high fine particle fraction

»  Ensures high output rate

»  Ensures proven reproducible aerosol performance

» Is easy and fast adjustable for a specific formulation

Medication reservoir

» No residual volume

» Allows a wide range of filling volumes

The Bolus Effect is generated by the aerosol chamber and enables reduced nebulization times and an increased drug delivery efficiency.

Nebulization of a broad variety of formulations

eFlow® Technology nebulizers can be adjusted to a variety of molecules and formulations with a broad range of fill volumes and physicochemical properties, including:

  • Small molecules (e.g., glycopyrrolate, tobramycin, levofloxacin and others)
  • Protein formulations (e.g., alpha-1-antitrypsin)
  • Peptides (lonodelestat)
  • Oligonucleotides (e.g., eluforsen QR-010)
  • Suspensions including liposomal formulations (e.g., liposomal amikacin, liposomal cyclosporine A)

The eFlow® Technology platform concept provides ...

Cost and time efficiency

Due to available customizable platform components

  • Low development efforts
  • High flexibility
  • Short lead times 


Premium device quality

Due to extensive experience in aerosols

  • Efficiency – high fraction of filled volume deposits in target lung region
  • Optimized nebulization time (even for challenging formulations)

The eFlow® Technology nebulizer system (Open System) and its unique components.

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