Pipeline & Partnering Approach

Pipeline and Approach

As our partner –

you benefit from decades of clinical experience

Currently eight disclosed development projects

About 20 undisclosed projects
in pre-clinical and clinical development
with various drug classes

As our partner –
you mitigate your device-associated project effort

Your device selection process – our services

You and your drug formulation


» In vitro evaluation of the aerosol performance of drug formulation and different nebulizer configurations

» Use of existing eFlow® Technology platform components

Device Optimization

» Clinical development / in human studies

» Re-engineering or new development of device components

» Exclusive access to the eFlow® Technology platform


» Support of submission, approval and launch of the drug-device combination product

Throughout the whole process:
Manufacturing and supply of devices (small and large quantities)

More information on our partnering approach, the different development stages and our services

Expert Interviews

eFlow Technology nebulizers with digital therapy management: The PARI Connect eco-system

eFlow Technology nebulizers with digital therapy management

Learn how the PARI Connect system supports patients with carefully considered device usability and digital therapy management solutions.

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Developing new drug-nebulizer combination products

Developing new drug-nebulizer combination products

Learn more about the critical success factors and opportunities for bringing a new vibrating membrane nebulizer as a drug-device combination product to the market.

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