Your innovative aerosol therapy – our drug-nebulizer expertise

All you need to know about our partnering approach for pharmaceutical companies

Learn directly from our experts how we, as your partner, can support you in the development of your innovative aerosol therapy. The following series of short interviews answers question like: What do we offer in our so-called partner projects? When do the individual phases of such projects take place and what are they about? How do we optimize nebulizers for specific drug formulations?

The series will be expanded step by step. The videos build on each other in the order they are listed. Each video takes 3-4 minutes.

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PARI’s eFlow Partnering Business

Find out more from Michael Hahn, VP eFlow Partnering and Strategy, about our offering and the benefits of working with PARI.

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Evaluation stage

Jonas Knoch, Business Development Manager eFlow, provides valuable insights into the evaluation of early drug and device combination products.

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Optimization of eFlow Technology nebulizers

Let Dr. Benjamin Heine, Technology Platform Leader eFlow, take you to the heart of our eFlow nebulizers and give you an idea of the effort and methods used to customize them.

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