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eFlow® Open System Nebulizer (Drug-Specific)

The eFlow Open System nebulizer is a nebulizer configuration designed for a specific medication and target patient population. The medication reservoir is filled with the drug, and the drug is completely used up during the nebulization process (i.e., there is virtually no residual medication left in the medication reservoir). This allows for highly efficient inhalation therapies. Each configuration is a specific eFlow version based on the eFlow Technology platform and supplied exclusively to the respective pharma partner.

The first drug-specific eFlow Open System includes the Altera® nebulizer handset for the administration of Cayston® (Gilead Sciences Inc.), marketed since 2010, followed by the Zirela® nebulizer handset for QUINSAIR™ (Horizon), and the Tolero® nebulizer handset for Vantobra® (PARI Pharma) in 2015. In 2018 the Lamira® nebulizer for ARIKAYCE® (amikacin liposome inhalation suspension) (Insmed Incorporated) was approved by the US FDA.

Link to www.cayston.com
Link to www.horizonpharma.com
Link to www.arikayce.com

eFlow® Closed System Nebulizer (Drug-Specific)

With input from the pharmaceutical industry, PARI's project team developed a nebulizer that has strong patent protection and is designed to prevent off-label use. The eFlow Closed System is a specific nebulizer configuration featuring a proprietary prefilled ampoule instead of an open medication reservoir. The ampoule is pierced open when loaded into this nebulizer. A design for enhanced usability for patients and a strong patent protection make this device unique for partners from the pharmaceutical industry.

eFlow® Inline Nebulizer (Drug-Specific)

The eFlow Inline nebulizer system enables efficient aerosol delivery to mechanically ventilated patients in intensive medical care. It is integrated into the ventilator tubing and doesn’t interfere with the ventilator settings. The aerosol is introduced in the axial direction of the tubing and smoothly taken up by the air moving towards the patient without any added flow from the nebulizer, thereby minimizing losses.

The eFlow Inline nebulizer remains in place during ventilation until the tubing is replaced. This reduces the handling and management efforts of the health care professional and avoids breaking up the circuit, which may increase the risk for infections, and potentially minimizes patient stress due to interrupted ventilation.

The nebulizer features a single dose removable reservoir (cartridge) to prevent off-label use with other drugs.

The ePort® controller (awarded the German Design Award 2021) operates the nebulizer. This control unit for multiple patient use is specifically designed for needs in a hospital environment, provides guidance to caregivers, and can be used intuitively. It can be flexibly attached, for instance, to the bedside of the patient or an IV pole.


PARI offers an e-Health solution for adherence monitoring and data management.

eTrack® Controller & PARItrack® web portal

The eTrack Controller (eTrack) developed by PARI as part of the eFlow® Technology platform features data transfer to facilitate objective and remote monitoring of adherence during inhalation therapy in clinical trials on the PARItrack web portal.

The eTrack Controller can operate all of the different available eFlow nebulizer handsets. Nebulization data are transferred to the PARItrack web portal and can be accessed by healthcare professionals. The PARItrack web portal contains a dashboard that provides high level information on adherence and notifications. Individual patient data can be reviewed in detail and are graphically visualized for easy evaluation.

Adherence data may allow the investigator to select only the most adherent patients for the evaluation of drug efficacy and safety.

The eTrack Controller and PARItrack web portal has already been used in several clinical studies in Europe, the US, and Canada.

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