“My eFlow Technology device (Trio) has improved my life for the better. Given me more time to live a normal life and now I consistently do my treatments everyday and never skip a treatment.”

Patient with cystic fibrosis, St. Louis, MO

eFlow Technology is a portable, electronic aerosol platform that utilizes advanced technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of medication delivery while significantly decreasing standard treatment times. eFlow Technology can be customized and optimized for each medication formulation and formulations can be modified or adjusted to eFlow Technology. Overall, our goal is to improve compliance through technological innovations that lead to better control of symptoms and improved quality of life for patients.

Our eFlow Technology device received a 2006 Medical Design Excellence Award for innovation in medical technology.

eFlow Technology Features:

  • Extremely Short Treatment Times Due To High Aerosol Output Rate, Up To 1ml/min.@ 4.0 (µm) MMD
  • High Delivery Efficiency (up to 90%+ Delivered Dose)
  • Low Velocity Aerosol
  • Inhalation by spontaneous Breathing
  • Silent
  • Lightweight
  • Easy To Transport
  • Low Shear Stress On Fluid
  • AA Batteries, Multiple Power Source Options

1. M. Borgschulte, Poster 2573, ERS, Vienna, September 27th, 2003

Advanced Features And Customization:

  • Optimiziations For Distinct Formulations
  • Particle Size Can Be Adjusted
  • Broad Tolerance To Disease Severity And Patient Age
  • Variable Volume Fill (0.5 To 4 ml) And Dosages (0.01mg - 1000mg)
  • Sensorics Allow For Precise Delivery Of Both High And Low Drug Quantities
  • Optional Feedback Features For Monitoring Clinical Trials And Home Therapy
  • Broad Application Including Highly Viscous Fluids, Proteins, Peptides, Suspensions, Surfactants, Liposomes