Products that can be used for inhalation

Products that can be used for inhalation therapy

We offer isotonic and hypertonic saline solutions that you can use for inhalation therapy.

Inhalation therapy for your health

PARI offers saline solutions for nebulisation. Or you can inhale medication prescribed by a doctor.

  • Our saline solutions for nebulisation are available in strengths of 0.9%, 3% or 6% salt content – depending on the desired effect.
  • Chamomile, cough syrups and essential oils are not suitable for inhalation with a nebuliser.

Which product should I use for inhalation therapy? It depends on the salt content

The different inhalation solutions have different salt levels. Would you like to protect yourself from a cold or do you already have a cold? Then you should choose the PARI NaCl inhalation solution with a 0.9 percent salt content for inhalation with a nebuliser. This isotonic saline solution moistens the airways and helps your mucous membranes to get rid of viruses and bacteria. Isotonic or physiological means that the solution has the same salt content as our bodily fluids and is therefore well tolerated, rather than irritating the affected airways.

Higher salt content for a stronger effect

Hypertonic saline solutions, such as MucoClear 3% and 6% from PARI, are defined as solutions with a salt content of 1% or more. These inhalation solutions containing more salt than bodily fluids liquefy the mucus in the sinuses or the lungs. This makes it easier to transport mucus out of the airways and relieves unpleasant symptoms, especially in cases of severe respiratory diseases.

What you should not use in a nebuliser device

What should I not use for nebuliser therapy? Cough syrups, gargle solutions, liniment preparations or drops used as a rub or for a “steam bath” are totally unsuitable for use in a nebuliser device. You should also be careful with oils from medicinal plants, whose side effects can pose a risk to your health. These products are often thick and sticky and block the nozzles of the nebuliser.

Essential oils can trigger respiratory distress in people with a hypersensitive bronchial system, especially when the bronchial tubes constrict too much. The inhalation of water or distilled water is also not recommended.

Using nebulisers with children

Using nebulisers with children

Using nebulisers correctly with children requires time, a calm environment and sometimes even a soft toy. For the treatment to be successful, a positive experience is key.

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