Loan devices

Can I use my PARI BOY compressor anywhere in the world?

Different countries around the world use different

voltages for their mains electricity supply, here in the UK we have

240V at 50Hz.

The PARI BOY mobile S is suitable for use any where in the world. The PARI BOY mobile S includes a universal power supply which can be used with voltages between 100 and 240 V and 50 to 40 Hz.

Our mains compressor's voltage requirements can be checked on the

identification label on the underside of the compressor. This should

then be checked to ensure compatibility in the country you are visiting.

Do you also have loan devices for use on holiday?

PARI Medical Ltd. does not currently offer such a service.

Do you also offer loan devices for the repair period?

If you need a loan device to use while your PARI nebuliser system is being repaired, call us on the following phone number: 01932 34 11 22. There is normally a charge (in addition to the normal service/repair charge) for this service.