Hygiene & Cleaning

How do I clean the child mask?

Children's masks can be cleaned with washing up liquid and water. They

can also be disinfected in a steam disinfector or boiled. For detailed

instructions, please read the instructions for use.

How do I clean the VORTEX?

The VORTEX can be cleaned with washing up liquid, or it can

also be washed in the dishwasher. In addition, it can be disinfected in a

steam disinfector or with boiling water. For detailed instructions,

please read the instructions for use.

How often must the filter be replaced?

After 200 operating hours or at least once a year. You should check the

filter for contamination regularly and replace it sooner if necessary.

The instructions for use contain a detailed description of this


How often should I clean the VORTEX?

The VORTEX should be cleaned regularly and immediately after the application if it becomes visibly dirty. It can be washed & dried as many times as is required. This

is because it is anti-static so it is not possible to build an

electro-static charge on the aluminium walls.

Which chemical disinfectants do you recommend for my PARI nebuliser?

In the home, nebulisers and accessories (not the tubing) should only be

disinfected by boiling or using a steam disinfector. There is no

recommendation for chemical disinfectants in this situation.

Why is it not sufficient to simply rinse out the nebuliser after inhaling?

Because rinsing only cleans the nebuliser, microorganisms are only

eliminated if the nebuliser is disinfected by boiling. Please read our

instructions for use on this subject.

Why is there always some inhalation solution left in my nebuliser?

All nebulisers have a residual volume, this is due to the design

requirements of the systems. A certain residual volume is always remains

in the nebuliser. This is taken into account when medication dosing is calculated by clinicians and drug companies.

Please note that you should stop inhaling as soon as you hear a clear change in the sound the nebuliser makes (from a quiet, smooth hiss to a bubbling or crackling noise) and the aerosol mist escapes from the nebuliser irregularly.

Why should the accessories be replaced regularly?

The nebuliser, tube and filter are wearing parts.
To ensure that the quality of the therapy remains consistent, these parts should be replaced once a year.
For this, PARI offers the convenient Year Packs.

Why should the same nebuliser not be used by more than one person?

In the home, each family member should use his or her own nebuliser chamber, this is for hygiene reasons.

In theory, PARI nebulisers could be used by several patients.

However, according to the hygiene regulations currently in force, this

is not permitted unless the nebuliser can be sterilised (e. g. in an autoclave in a hospital).

KIV, boiling in water, cold water disinfection tablets (e.g. Milton

tablets) & 'baby bottle' disinfectors do not sterilise, they just

disinfect (this is a lower hygiene standard).