Monday, 22. July 2019

Partnership with the British Lung Foundation

PARI Medical Ltd is proud to have joined the British Lung Foundation’s (BLF) ‘Living Well Alliance’, helping the BLF to improve the lives of people living with lung conditions.

Partnership with the British Lung Foundation

1 in 5 people in the UK have developed asthma, COPD or another long-term lung condition. While the majority of the 40 known lung conditions are not curable, the symptoms can be managed and quality of life can be improved.

The BLF is a fully independent, impartial and unbiased provider of best practice health advice and support. They’ve been researching lung conditions for 30 years and are dedicated to looking after the nation’s lungs. 

Andy Jackson, BLF Corporate Manager, said: “We’re delighted that PARI Medical has joined our Living Well Alliance, which brings together companies that offer treatments, devices and products that support people to manage their lung conditions. It’s thanks to everyone who donates to the BLF, including our fantastic corporate partners, that we’re able to invest in much needed research, and give hope, help and a voice to patients with lung disease across the UK.”