PARI Medical Ltd is now the sole UK distributor of the Simeox airway clearance device.

Produced by PhysioAssist in France, Simeox technology offers an innovative solution for efficient clearance of the lungs in patients suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.  By changing the physical properties of mucus, Simeox helps mobilize secretions from the distal areas of the lungs.

Adrien Mithalal, founder and CEO of PhysioAssist said “At PhysioAssist, our goal is to set Simeox as a standard of care therapy for patients with obstructive pulmonary diseases such as cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, COPD and Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.  We proudly believe Simeox can greatly benefit those patients and are delighted that PARI Medical Ltd is distributing the Simeox device in the UK.  PhysioAssist and PARI Medical Ltd share the same vision and mission: improving the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases by offering innovative solutions. We are confident that the strong clinical knowledge of the UK PARI Medical team and the quality of their customer support will drive awareness and adoption of Simeox therapy throughout the UK”.

Simeox airway clearance device

Simeox is available to healthcare professionals only within the UK.

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