Definition of Chronic bronchitis:
Chronic disease of the respiratory tract as defined by the WHO: Chronic cough producing sputum which occurs in a patient for at least 3 successive months of 2 consecutive years.

Causes/trigger of Chronic bronchitis:
The main cause is smoking, followed by air pollution at the workplace, frequent airway infections as well as a damp climate in autumn and winter. 

Symptoms/signs/effects of Chronic bronchitis:
The cilia (small hairs) in the airways become paralysed and the lung produces excessive amounts of mucus. In this stage the changes are reversible.

Additional symptoms of Chronic bronchitis:
cough, sputum and breathlessness 

Diagnosis of Chronic bronchitis:
Listening to the lung with a stethoscope, pulmonary function analysis and measurement of the oxygen level in the blood, as well as X-rays, ECG and blood tests. 

Treatment of Chronic bronchitis:
Use of drugs to dilate the bronchi and to control mucus, and where appropriate, antibiotics with bacterial infection.