Applying the same high standards it applies to treatment of the airways, PARI offers the SpiroSense Spirometer for the measurement of lung function, enabling diagnosis and long-term therapy monitoring.

SpiroSense is an innovative spirometry system.

Consisting of a professional PC spirometer (SpiroSensePro) for use by healthcare professionals, with the option of adding a mobile spirometer (mySpiroSense) for patients to use at home, the SpiroSense solution supports diagnosis and therapy monitoring in one seamless process. This combination of spirometers enables the snapshot readings obtained in the clinic by the healthcare professional to be supplemented with measurements taken by the patient at home.

The patient spirometer, mySpiroSense, stores a complete flow-volume curve in an electronic diary. A traffic light feedback system provides the patient with information about the quality of the measurement he has performed. At the next clinic visit, the stored data can be downloaded to the SpiroSensePro Software for evaluation by the practitioner.

Thus a complete picture can be obtained, not only aiding diagnosis but also optimising treatment plans and encouraging adherence to therapy.

Modern Spirometry Solutions bringing Doctors and Patients closer together

Designed for intuitive operation and ready for immediate use thanks to automatic calibration, SpiroSense spirometers make daily lung function measurement easy. Hot wire sensor technology provides extremely accurate measurements over the entire flow range3. The associated software presents the parameters measured in graph form, which can then either be stored on an internal database or server, or exported as a PDF.

A fun software animation program means that even small children can perform the correct breathing technique and provide a useful lung function measurement.2 The inspiratory and expiratory manoeuvres are animated to help coach the patient through a complete breathing test. With a high measurement accuracy at low range3 and the GLI* reference values for children aged 3 and older4, SpiroSense is particularly suitable for use in paediatrics.

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Our Privacy Promise

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*  GLI = Global Lung Function Initiative
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