PARI Montesol Nasal Douche, Nasal Rinse

The natural, gentle and effective way to clean your nose.

Do you want to prevent colds and free the nose from dirt, germs and pollen? PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse and PARI Montesol Nasal Douche make both possible. Care for your nose with PARI Montesol – It moistens your nose and rinses out foreign bodies.

  • Dexpanthenol provides a nourishing element.
  • Salt produced in Germany in Bad Reichenhall.
  • Prevents colds with regular use.
  • Preservative-free.
  • Available in pharmacies, also on the Internet.

Video: How to use PARI Montesol Nasal Douche correctly

The compact and handy nasal douche for the effective and gentle cleaning of the nose in the case of colds or hay fever. Ideally used in combination with PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse. Here you can see how to use PARI Montesol Nasal Douche correctly.

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PARI Montesol Nasal Douche and PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse – the effective duo for the careful, gentle cleaning of our nose

PARI Montesol Nasal Douche

PARI Montesol Nasal Douche

Compact and handy – PARI Montesol Nasal Irrigation is the natural therapy for the prevention and treatment of rhinitis, colds and allergies.

Irrigate your nose
Rinse out allergens such as grasses and flower pollen with PARI Montesol Nasal Irrigation and free your nose from the increasing pollution of the air we breathe.

Item No.: 177G1010

A dry nose – the underlying cause of a cold
The regular use of PARI Montesol Nasal Irrigation has also proven itself with dry noses and strong encrustations following nasal surgery.

Improve the natural cleansing of your nasal mucosa by using PARI Montesol Nasal Irrigation with PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse, made with Bad Reichenhall salts and dexpanthenol, once or twice daily.

PARI Montesol Nasal Douche

Instructions for use
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PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse

PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse

The Nasal Rinse cleans and protects thanks to salts from Bad Reichenhall along with dexpanthenol.

Rhinitis and colds
Protect yourself from colds und frequently occurring rhinits. Nasal rinsing with a saline solution contributes significantly to alleviating your symptoms and preventing new illnesses.

Item No.: 177G1020

PZN: 01075477

Airborne pollen and allergies
The increasing pollution of the air we breathe with soot, dust, suspended matter and allergens such as grass and flower pollen burdens the nasal mucosa. With PARI Montesol Nasal Irrigation, you will be supporting the self-cleaning function of the nasal mucosa.

Improve the natural cleansing of your nasal mucosa by using PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse with PARI Montesol Nasal Douche once or twice daily.

PARI Montesol Nasal Rinse

Instructions for use
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PARI NaCl Inhalation Solution

PARI NaCl 0,9% Solution

Bring soothing sea air into your living room. Thanks to modern inhalation devices and saline solutions from PARI.

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Colds and rhinitis

A cold is an acute infectious disease of the nasal mucous membranes, throat or bronchial tubes. Typical signs are a tickle in the throat, cough or rhinitis. Adults tend to have a cold once or twice a year, usually in autumn and winter.

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What to watch out for if you have acute or chronic sinusitis.

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