eFlow®rapid Nebuliser System

Modern inhalation therapy –
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eFlow®rapid Nebuliser System is an efficient device for the treatment of respiratory diseases. During development, special care was taken to develop an efficient, safe and fast inhalation treatment with the following characteristics:

  • Short inhalation times
  • Silent operation for discreet use
  • Light, small, mobile – with mains or battery operation
  • Easy to clean, can be disinfected – offers a high degree of hygienic safety
  • Display provides feedback during inhalation

Item No.: 178G1005

How to use the eFlow®rapid correctly

The eFlow®rapid nebuliser system provides you with an efficient device for the treatment of respiratory diseases. In this video, we introduce you to the most important components and functions of the eFlow®rapid Inhalation System.

Download "How to use the eFlow®rapid correctly"-Video:YouTube

All information about eFlow®rapid nebuliser system

Download: Instructions for use, product information

Instructions for use

eFlow rapid nebuliser system

Instructions for use

19.18 MB Download PDF

Instructions for use

eFlow rapid Nebuliser

Instructions for use

2.04 MB Download PDF

Instructions for use

Altera Nebuliser

Instructions for use
678D1124-F 08/14

2.23 MB Download PDF

Instructions for use

Zirela Nebuliser

Instructions for use

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Instructions for use

Tolero Nebuliser

Instructions for use

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Product information for users

The eFlow rapid with eBase Controller

The eFlow rapid with eBase Controller

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Product information for experts

The eFlow rapid with eBase Controller

The eFlow rapid with eBase Controller

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Aerosol characteristics of the eFlow®rapid Nebuliser System

Total Output Rate:610 mg/min
MMD:4,1 µm
Mass percentage below 5µm:69%

Measurement with laser diffraction (Helos Sympa-Tec) at 23 °C and 50% relative humidity. Nebulised medium: 0.9% NaCl (4 ml). Inspiratory flow: 20 l/min. May vary depending on medication and aerosol generator used.

Technical data

Nebuliser principle:Perforated vibrating membrane
Oscillating frequency:117 kHz

Operation with a regular or rechargeable battery:
At least 90 min. Operation with a fully charged rechargeable battery.

Power adapter:
Alternating current:100 - 240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight of nebuliser:~ 55 g
Total weight:~ 300 g
Min. fill volume:2.0 ml
Max. fill volume:6.0 ml

Spare parts: All spare parts are available from your dealer or a chemist. In all other countries, PARI items can be obtained through our PARI agents in the respective country.

Electromagnetic compatibility Guidance

Electromagnetic compatibility - Guidance and manufacturer's declaration IEC 60601-1-2: Edition 4.0; 2014-02

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eFlow®rapid Nebuliser system Accessories

eFlow Nebuliser

eFlow rapid nebuliser

Item No.: 678G8222

eFlow rapid Aerosol Head

eFlow rapid aerosol head

Item No.: 678B2620

PARI Filter/Valve Set

PARI Filter/Valve Set

Item No.: 041G0500

PARI Filter Pads for Exhalations Filter - Pack of 30

Filter Pads 30

Item No.: 041B0522

PARI Filter Pads for Exhalations Filter - Pack of 100

Filter Pads 100

Item No.: 041B0523

PARI Filter Pads for Exhalations Filter - Pack of 1000

Filter Pads 1000

Item No.: 041B0524



Item No.: 078G5026



Item No.: 078G5000



Item No.: 041G0730



Item No.: 078G6100

eFlow rapid carrying bag

eFlow rapid carrying bag

Item No.: 078E8005

1Compared to PARI LC Plus® nebulizer; D Hubert. S Leroy, S Dominique, J Kovarik: Pharmakokinetik comparison of inhaled tobramycin (TOBI®) via PARI eFlow®rapid or PARI LC Plus™ nebulizers in cystic fibrosis patients. European Cystic Fibrosis Society, 30th Cystic Fibrosis Conference, Belek, Antalya-Turkey, 13-16 June 2007

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