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Friday, 25 June 2021

Dr. Stefan Seemann is appointed President of PARI Pharma GmbH

Dr. Stefan Seemann will replace Dr. Martin Knoch as President of PARI Pharma GmbH on July 1, 2021.

Dr. Martin Knoch is retiring on June 30, 2021, after over 30 years at PARI, where he has presided over the development of the eFlow® Technology to a market-ready product which has since evolved into seven commercial products sold in North America, Europe, and Japan. Long-time PARI executive Dr. Stefan Seemann has been chosen as his successor by top management. After receiving a PhD in chemistry, Dr. Seemann worked in the production and development divisions of Boehringer Ingelheim for several years before joining PARI Pharma in 2000. He has served in a variety of management positions, most recently as Vice-President for eFlow Development & Operations in charge of the development and production of the eFlow membrane nebulizer business.

“The appointment of Stefan Seemann prioritizes continuity” explains Dr. Johann Zimmermann, CEO of the PARI corporate group, “In Dr. Seemann we have a very experienced team member from our own ranks taking over the helm – exactly what we need to continue steering PARI Pharma’s business units toward a successful future.”

Dr. Seemann is looking forward to his new role, noting, “PARI Pharma’s mission is to offer patients with rare and severe respiratory diseases innovative nebulizer therapies that can give them relief and which they can always count on. This motivates us to further leverage our ability to innovate and the expertise we have built up over the decades to provide our partners in the pharmaceutical industry with high-quality customized membrane nebulizer systems based on our eFlow Technology to meet specific patient needs. We are also well positioned to reliably ship our products to our pharma partners over the long term thanks to the expanded capacities at our production facilities in two sites near Munich.”

In addition, the aim is not only to maintain, but also improve the strong position for the indication of cystic fibrosis with specialized nebulizer systems and inhaled antibiotics, by managing and further developing the cystic fibrosis portfolio and gaining access to new markets. In Dr. Seemann’s opinion, inhalation therapy will also continue to play an important role as part of a comprehensive approach to therapy for cystic fibrosis.

In general, PARI Pharma is focusing on improvements to make all its device solutions even more user-friendly to make the therapy as simple and efficient as possible. Intelligent nebulizer systems that help patients with their inhalation therapy, and digital solutions with, for example, devices that can communicate with each another as well as therapy management apps should help pave the way.

Dr. Martin Knoch at the symbolic handover of an eFlow® device to Dr. Stefan Seemann. © PARI Pharma GmbH.

Dr. Martin Knoch at the symbolic handover of an eFlow® device to Dr. Stefan Seemann. © PARI Pharma GmbH.

About PARI and PARI Pharma

As a manufacturer of medical devices and medicinal products for inhalation therapy, PARI is the market leader in Germany, having established itself over decades as trusted brand among doctors, pharmacies, and patients, whiles its success in the cystic fibrosis segment has positioned the company as world market leader. Under the umbrella of PARI Medical Holding, the PARI corporate group is organized into several subsidiaries.

PARI Pharma develops and produces custom nebulizers based on eFlow Technology for companies in the pharma industry that have been adapted specifically for the medication or the drug formulation of their partners. Several inhaled medicinal products made by our pharma partners in combination with optimized eFlow nebulizer systems have already been launched in various markets and for different therapeutic indications worldwide. With the cystic fibrosis portfolio, consisting of two partnered and two own antibiotic/nebulizer combinations and the universal eFlow®rapid/eRapid® Nebulizer System, PARI Pharma is largely responsible for the market-leading position of the PARI Group in the cystic fibrosis segment.

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Director eFlow Partnering & Strategy

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