"Our partnership with PARI has given us access...

... to their eFlow electronic nebulizer, their expertise in drug formulations and the complex interaction between the two. The eFlow performed well in the Corus Phase 2 clinical trials and is being utilized in our Phase 3 program. We are excited about the potential of bringing our product to market which will be the first commercially available product for use specifically with the eFlow."

Bruce Montgomery, MD Gilead Sciences

We can take on various roles in our pharmaceutical partner relationships  Often we develop a comprehensive aerosol therapy development program that includes all formulation development, formulation and device optimization, development of analytical methods and aerosol testing, and regulatory support. However, if our pharma partner is in advanced development with a given formulation, we can focus our efforts on optimization of the Advanced Aerosol Delivery platform (such as eFlow) and optimize the formulation to the device.  Mutual Business Development conditions are dictated by each partner’s contributions to the project.