Range of duties: PARI products are always originals. This means that our solutions for inhalation treatment originate from our own laboratories and workshops. It's more or less understood that you'll find the latest high-tech facilities in our labs (and of course in our offices as well). By the way, our lab technicians also have a second PC workstation at their disposal in our offices. We are also proud to offer you a much wider range of duties to perform than at similar companies – because you will be dealing with processes from start to finish. Interdisciplinary cooperation forms part of the day-to-day work in our flexible environment.

Room for creativity: the size of our company allows for fast decision-making and flat hierarchies, especially pharmaceutical specialists, engineers and business graduates have ample space for personal development and decision-making. However, in return we expect you to put the personal freedom available at the company to good use. Thus at the end of the day it's your ideas that will help others to breathe freely.

Instruction / training facilities: to call them exemplary is no exaggeration. Nearly all of our employees have attended several training courses while working at the company, so encouraging their personal advancement.

Job security:
a family firm that has been operating successfully for over a century, PARI holds an excellent position internationally. This means we can offer you a secure future in an easy-going environment. Especially, since we are the clear frontrunner in Germany. 

Working hours: we make every effort to help you strike a proper work-life balance between job and the family. Without mentioning the wide variety of recreational offerings by our attractive locations in Southern Bavaria, we also take a very flexible approach to working hours. We additionally offer part-time positions and the option of working from home when necessary.