Warehouse Logistics Specialist

The right knowledge? We've got some in store for you.

The last thing a warehouse is is a place where goods and products lie around for months getting dusty. In fact things are pretty busy at a warehouse: it is constantly receiving new deliveries that have to be inspected and processed – and you can't take it easy at the outgoing goods area either. If you want to keep a grip on things here, you'll have to be a good organiser who also really understands warehousing. Do you think you'd be up to it? During your training you'll learn everything about getting goods to the right place at the right time and still in perfect quality. Whether you're putting goods into storage, picking, packing or dispatching them – you'll soon be familiar with all the little tricks of the trade. It goes without saying you'll gain an in-depth knowledge of our logistics processes as well as of quality assurance, industrial safety, health&safety and environmental protection.

Your training partner: PARItec GmbH in Weilheim
Duration 3 years

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