Process Technician for plastics and rubber, specialising in moulded parts

Fancy "burning some rubber"?

Plastics and caoutchouc (the raw material used to make rubber) are fascinating substances as they are incredibly simple to mould into shape. This process is however only incredibly simple for people who are skilled in the relevant technique. PARI generally uses injection moulding to produce moulded parts from thermoplastic materials. It goes without saying that as a process technician for plastics and rubber, you first of all need to fully understand these fascinating materials before you are taught the wide range of options they open up. How do I read technical documentation? How do I plan and manage my work? How do I set up an injection-moulding machine? How do I process which plastic, and what technique must I use to achieve the required result? These are all questions you'll be able to answer yourself once you have completed the training course. And you will of course also learn everything involved in service and maintenance of "your" tools, machines and equipment.

Your training partner: PARItec GmbH in Weilheim
Duration 3 years

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