Thursday, 18. November 2010

VORTEX Snug, hygienically safe, and fun to use:

The new child masks for VORTEX holding chambers

PARI GmbH presents, two new child masks for the VORTEX antistatic holding chamber.

Both masks have cute designs and are suitable for children aged 0-2 and from 2 years respectively. They replace the previous duck masks, and offer three key benefits:

soft to the touch with a snug fit
Optimised fit on the child's face to ensure efficient inhalation.
hygienically safe
Can be disinfected with boiling water or in a vaporisator.

fun to use
The funny masks help make inhalation a more pleasant experience for the child.

Anthropological expertise in the shape of babies' and small children's faces was taken into account when developing these new VORTEX masks. The result is a snug, optimised fit between the mask and face, which ensures a more efficient inhalation treatment with a metered dose inhaler and holding chamber. This effect was demonstrated in a study by Erzinger et al. in 2007, which showed that a snug-fitting mask resulted in a lung deposition that was up to four times higher than with other masks.

CEO Dr. Johann Zimmermann: "With these masks, based on the principles of SmartTouch technology, PARI is proving itself as an innovator once again, offering clear benefits to both doctors and patients. At PARI, we strive to keep our promise of being "specialists in effective inhalation" by continuously optimising inhalation treatment."

The masks represent a further enhancement of PARI's nebuliser masks for children, which won the esteemed reddot design award in 2007.
The masks are developed and manufactured in Germany, where PARI insists on a high level of quality and product safety, and seeks to protect local jobs.

The masks are available with the VORTEX in German pharmacies from the middle of November.

[Erzinger et al., Journal of Aerosol Medicine 2007, 20 (1): 78-84]

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