Wednesday, 14. October 2009

The PARI BOY – a Brand of the Century

The PARI BOY is honoured as one of the "Brands of the Century" in the latest issue of the book with the same name from the "Deutsche Standards" series. The prize, which takes the form of an ornamental column made of porcelain, will be awarded in a ceremony to be held during Frankfurt's Book Fair on 15 October.

PARI - Marke des Jahrhunderts 2010

The work "Brands of the Century", which is published by Dr. Florian Langenscheidt in cooperation with the initiative "Germany – Land of Ideas", the Handelsblatt financial paper and other well-known institutions and figures, is due to be presented at the Book Fair today: a successful project that is already into its third edition. This publication, which runs to some 600 pages, introduces and pays tribute to the leading brands "Made in Germany". In this work, which has also been translated into English and Chinese, PARI takes its place alongside other successful German companies as an ambassador for quality and consistency.

"The publication "Brands of the Century" documents the economic performance of Germany's branded goods industry. It presents those products that act so to speak as an emblem for an entire product type": this is the concept adopted for the book. Everyone has heard of Spalt headache tablets, Mobilat for pain or the skincare brand Nivea. And when it comes to respiratory therapy, PARI BOY has been a synonym for inhalation devices for over 40 years.

An honour that PARI happily accepts, spurring it on further to realise its vision: to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases and those who provide care to them.