Tuesday, 23. November 2010

Pilot study with MucoClear 6% in bronchiectasis: 12% of patients find improvements "life-changing“

Current study with 41 patients was presented during the annual congress of the European Respiratory Society

41 patients with bronchiectasis inhaled MucoClear 6% twice daily for two months. Lung function, sputum production and quality of life was monitored for any  changes during this period of time. All study-participants’ overall condition had significantly improved with the use of nebulised 6% hypertonic saline – 12% found this improvement “life-changing”.

100% of the patients thought, that mucus was easier to cough up, approximately one half of participants were able to “get rid of”  increased amounts of sputum. Many patients on MucoClear 6%. therapy experienced improved oxygen saturation and lung function. In addition, responses from standardized questionnaires showed that patients quality of life had significantly ameliorated.

The study authors concluded that these results suggest that MucoClear 6% is a valuable option for patients with bronchiectasis – even if further controlled studies are recommended.

Bronchiectasis patients suffer from pathological enlargement of the conducting airways (bronchi). Leading symptoms of this severe disease are coughing and large sputum volumes. Possible complications are pneumonia or hemoptysis. 

Diagramm - Pyne 2010 HS BE

12% of the bronchiectasis patients found the improvent of their overall condition under therapy with hypertonic saline "life changing".

Source: Pyne et al. (2010) Poster 4588 on the annual congress of the European Respiratory Society in Barcelona