Wednesday, 09. January 2013

PARI PEP System in combination with hypertonic saline...

...improves adherence in CF-patients

Hypertonic saline and positive expiratory pressure (PEP) are well established therapies to support the mobilization of sputum in cystic fibrosis (CF). In addition this combined approach of PEP with nebulizer therapy has also shown to improve the tolerability of 6% hypertonic saline [1].

Active airway clearance techniques like the use of the PEP system are considered as an integral component in the management of CF, but the exercises take time. One possibility to improve patient adherence is combining the PEP therapy with nebulizers.

But how is the real life situation?

Therefore a new study [2] evaluated seventeen CF patients (mean age 13.1 years) who had self-reported poor adherence.

According to patients’ self-assessment, the combination of PARI PEP® System and HS led to the following advantages during 6 months of treatment time:


·         amount of expectorated sputum in 94% of patients

·         treatment time in 82% of patients

·         adherence to physiotherapy in 77% of patients

All patients chose to continue the combined therapy until the end of the study.


Even CF patients who struggled with treatment adherence, considered the combined therapy to be more effective.

Due to the high treatment burden of CF patients, this time-safe therapy combination has shown to be tailored for the needs of a CF-patient even in self-reported non-adherence patients!

Therefore the PARI PEP System together with a PARI nebulizer offers a convenient and simple tool to make the most of this advantage.

[1] 0’Connell et al. Respir Care. 2011 Jun; 56(6):771-5
[2] Elliot et al. 2012. NACF abtract 393