Monday, 27. August 2012

PARI PEP System improves...

...the tolerability of the 6% hypertonic saline solution in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF)

The effective sputum mobilization through the inhalation of nebulized hypertonic saline solution plays an important role in CF therapy. According to the latest survey, which included data from over ten thousand patients, the inhalation of nebulized hypertonic saline is already well established in many countries. In Germany about 85 % of specialists use hypertonic saline for CF patient therapy, during which mainly 3-7 % concentrated saline solutions are inhaled twice a day [1]. Around 10 % of the CF patients, who found it unpleasant to inhale with hypertonic saline, now have the possibility to benefit from the PARI PEP System during inhalation of MucoClear 6%. This was a conclusion of a study undertaken by a group of Irish scientists [2]. The PARI PEP System can be comfortably used during nebulization therapy. According to the study the individually adjustable expiration resistance, which is afforded by PARI PEP System, has the following advantages:

●        Clear tolerability improvement of the hypertonic saline solution

●        Reduction of the antibiotics requirement in 3 of 4 examined patients

●        Prolongation of the disease’s stable phase by a factor of 3.6

Conclusion: Those CF patients, who have not previously tolerated nebulized hypertonic saline well, can now benefit from the PARI PEP System through better tolerability, reduced antibiotics requirement and a prolonged stable phase of the disease.

[1] Agent P et al. 2012 ECFC oral presentation 298
[2] O'Connell OJ et al. 2012 Respir Care. Jun; 56(6):771