Wednesday, 01. July 2009

PARI on the Internet: fresh and functional with a new website PARI is launching a new website on the world wide web, offering medical professionals and patients solutions that are both fresh and functional for all issues concerning inhalation and respiratory tract health.

This relaunch is not just characterised by the modern design of the website and a high level of added functionality. It also brings together the different companies under the PARI umbrella: besides PARI GmbH, there is also PARI Pharma GmbH, PARItec GmbH, PRE Holding in the USA, PARI Medical Ltd. in England, PARI synergy in medicine OOO in Moscow, as well as the PARI Representative Office Beijing in China and PARI's Osaka office in Japan.

To take account of globalisation and offer visitors to our site an overview and insight into PARI, we are now bringing together all sites and combining them under one global umbrella. In future all web pages belonging to PARI will be characterised by its standardised design, with marked improvements having been made in terms of navigation.

A smart system of clear links helps users to quickly navigate to other areas, no matter what page they are on. This system also makes the relationships between the individual company sectors transparent to people outside the organisation.

But the main objective of the redesign is naturally to provide users with the latest relevant information - easy to find, attractively presented and informative - including a search function, Users' Area and a Kids' Lounge for our youngest patients.

Not to mention even more downloads for literature and graphical material as well as a Press area, extensive Newsbox elements and Newsletter modules. It also includes personal password management for a personalised address. The clear structure will help customers and anyone else interested in PARI to find full information about the company and products, as well as documents such as instructions for use, brochures, flyers, user data and specific information for medical experts.

As a manufacturer of medical devices PARI has developed, produced and marketed technical equipment for many years. Such devices are designed to ensure effective inhalation so as to improve the quality of life for the sick and their families. By changing the look of our website we were hoping to successfully combine technical details, a clear structure and attractive graphics, while still ensuring emotional appeal and a welcoming feel to the site.

To simplify navigation we have opted for a three-column layout that is easily understandable. The round bubbles point the way to the latest information about each topic. The map of the world shown on the top left acts as the link to the umbrella page. On the right there is the media box, containing further reports depending on the context. The central search function above the image allows users to make a full-text search of all pages wherever they happen to be on the site. This means that everyone will find what they're looking for right away!

Besides the area accessible to all visitors, there is also part of the site that is password-protected and reserved for medical professionals. After logging in (either using personal PARI login or DocCheck login), doctors, pharmacists and other medical professionals can access specific data such as dates, special offers and campaigns. And it goes without saying that users can also easily get in touch with us from every page of the site.

Happy clicking!