Wednesday, 16. September 2009

PARI granted US patent for its VORTEX holding chamber

PARI Respiratory Equipment, the Midlothian-based US subsidiary of the PARI Group, which has its headquarters in Starnberg, Germany, has been granted a US patent for its VORTEX antistatic holding chamber with two-way valve system.

The VORTEX valve system optimises inhalation and exhalation for a more efficient delivery of medication with metered dose inhalers. The company recently submitted an application for a European patent for the same technology.

"Metered dose inhalers release medication in very fast bursts. This may produce various problems that ultimately prevent the patient from receiving an effective dose. These include medication losses caused by high-speed delivery and resulting deposition of the aerosol on the back of the throat or by incorrect use of the metered dose inhaler. The VORTEX holding chamber helps overcome these issues, and is particularly beneficial in the case of children or patients with coordination problems. The VORTEX dual-valve system enables low-resistance inhalation and exhalation so that patients can relax and breathe normally while inhaling the medication from the holding chamber", explains Dr. Welch, Co-Director of the Allergy and Asthma Medical Group and Research Center in San Diego and Professor at the University of California in San Diego.

"Innovations like the VORTEX antistatic holding chamber enhance respiratory care for many patients by facilitating their treatment with metered dose inhalers. This makes it much easier for patients to coordinate the actions of "Press and inhale" and also ensures more reliable dosage. We are therefore very pleased to have been granted the US patent", added Dr. Johann Zimmermann, CEO of PARI GmbH in Starnberg.

The antistatic holding chamber boasts a range of very special features. It works on a unique "cyclone twist" principle, where the burst of medication begins to flow in a circular pattern when the patient breathes in. Small droplets of medication are specifically directed to the lungs, virtually eliminating unwanted deposition on the back of the throat. Since the holding chamber is made of metal rather than plastic, its antistatic properties also make it more efficient because its inner surfaces do not actively attract the medication, as is the case in plastic devices. Finally, the removable face masks available for use with the VORTEX system allow for greater flexibility. For example, child mask A can be replaced with child mask B as the child grows, without any need to purchase a new holding chamber.

About PARI GmbH:
PARI is a world leader in the manufacture of inhalation systems to treat diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

With its broad portfolio of products, PARI offers a wide range of solutions to prevent, relieve and cure respiratory diseases. PARI's products cater to the needs of all age groups, address various conditions and are developed for a wide range of applications – they are as diverse as the needs of each patient.

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