Friday, 20. July 2012

Now available: VORTEX Tracheo

The antistatic holding chamber for patients who have undergone a tracheotomy


Patients who have to use a metered dose inhaler for inhalation therapy after undergoing an operation on the larynx can now benefit from the VORTEX Tracheo, an effective, easy-to-use holding chamber.

VORTEX Tracheo, the antistatic holding chamber with Tracheo connection, enables patients who have undergone a tracheotomy to use metered dose inhalers effectively and conveniently, with blocked or unblocked tracheal cannula.

Because the special features of the VORTEX offer many advantages for tracheotomy patients as well:

-     The  metal chamber helps to ensure reliable dosage

-     The universal adapter enables all popular metered dose inhalers to be used

-     The cyclone twist principle assists transportation of aerosol droplets to the lung

-     Easy to use and hygienically safe: Disinfectable in the home, disinfectable and sterilisable in the hospital


Patients are able to perform the application themselves easily by attaching the Tracheo adapter to the mouthpiece and connecting it to the 15 mm tracheal cannula. After the metered dose inhaler is triggered, the medication can be breathed in calmly and safely.

For more information, call thePARI Service Center on +49 8151-279 279.