Friday, 04. October 2013

Nasal Douches with Saline Solutions help relieve Symptoms of Rhinosinusitis

Sound familiar?

Persistent running or blocked nose, facial pain or pressure, an impaired sense of smell.

Over a period of 3 months, symptoms such as these point to chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS). To treat this long-term inflammation, nasal douches used in combination with saline solutions may be a gentle and useful adjunct to the symptomatic treatment of rhinosinusitis.
Experts from the University Hospital Cologne recently evaluated all available study data on the efficacy and the proper application of nasal douches in the treatment of acute and chronic upper airway diseases [1].
The authors came to the conclusion that there is sufficient evidence to support the use of nasal douches with saline solutions. This conclusion is reinforced by a meta-analysis conducted by the Cochrane Institute in 2007 [2] as well as the current EPOS guideline [3]. Nasal douches with saline solutions were found to reduce the symptoms of CRS and to be well-tolerated.
The authors furthermore recommended a saline concentration of 2-3.5 % in the solutions. The right technique was also found to be decisive.  The delivery of saline solutions via a nasal douche using “positive pressure” or “negative pressure” was shown to be effective. The pressure could be increased by carefully pressing both sides of the nasal douche together.

Natural saline solutions applied with a nasal douche can support the therapy of patients with CRS. The aforementioned data confirm that nasal douches with 2-3.5 % hypertonic saline solutions represent a valuable and proven additional therapy option in the treatment of CRS.

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