Wednesday, 28. April 2010

MucoClear 3% - a mild, hypertonic inhalation solution for mobilisation of secretions in patients suffering from bronchiolitis and cystic fibrosis

With MucoClear 3%, PARI GmbH has added a further product to its portfolio of saline solutions, in this case a three-percent hypertonic saline solution for mobilising secretion. MucoClear 3% is the first three-percent hypertonic saline solution to be offered in handy, small-volume, ready-to-use ampoules.

077G5000 MucoClear 3% 20-Stück

MucoClear 3% is indicated for the treatment of acute bronchiolitis, the most common infectious disease of the lower respiratory tract affecting babies and young children. It is also indicated for cystic fibrosis.

PARI director Dr. Johann Zimmermann said, "We are delighted to have succeeded in creating this "little sister" to the MucoClear 6% inhalation solution. This will provide certain cystic fibrosis patients, particularly children, with a gentle, hygienically safe introduction to inhalation with hypertonic saline solution. Furthermore, babies and young children who suffer from bronchiolitis can also benefit from inhalation treatment with 3% hypertonic saline solution."

Every year, more than 100,000 babies and young children in Germany fall victim to acute bronchiolitis. A Cochrane Review1 that was published in 2008 on this subject includes encouraging data. For example, the length of hospital stays for the group that inhaled with 3% hypertonic saline solution was significantly shorter.
Prof. Dr. Matthias Griese of the Haunersches Kinderspital in Munich: "Treatment with inhaled hypertonic sodium chloride solution seems to be a safe, effective therapy. We will continue to test this new option for treating acute bronchiolitis at our hospital."

1 Zhang L. et al. Cochrane Database 2008 8;(4):CD006458