Monday, 02. May 2011

Inhalation devices for Japan

PARI donates mobile inhalation devices for Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims

PARI is donating 100 PARI BOY mobile S devices together with rechargeable batteries to help asthmatic children in Japan who are unable to continue their usual inhalation therapy following the natural disaster in March.

The Japanese branch of PARI GmbH in Osaka is distributing the devices to paediatricians in the devastated regions through the JSPACI (Japanese Society of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology). The paediatricians then provide them to affected children.

The PARI BOY mobile S can be used independently of a fixed power supply and is therefore particularly suitable for use in regions where the power supply is limited or intermittently completely unavailable. This enables young asthma sufferers who have lost their devices or cannot perform nebuliser therapy because of the unreliable power supply to continue their treatment.

The employees of PARI GmbH are deeply troubled by the tragedy and extend their sincere sympathies to all victims. We trust that the fortunes of the people of Japan will improve and that they will find the strength they need to recover as quickly as possible.