Monday, 26. April 2010

Full steam ahead into the paranasal sinuses – PARI SINUS in action

In an imaging study conducted with 15 healthy volunteers, Dr Moeller and his team succeeded in showing that the paranasal sinuses cannot be reached by inhalation from nasal sprays as opposed to inhalation with the PARI vibrating aerosol.


At the annual conference of the German Society for Pulmonology (DGP), Dr. Moeller from the HelmholtzZentrum münchen presented the most recent results of his work group on inhalation therapy with the PARI SINUS device and its further development, the PARI Vibrent device. The fact that the paranasal cavities were so efficiently reached with PARI SINUS and Vibrent could be attributed to the unique mechanism of operation of these special nebuliser devices, he stated. Only with the pulsation of the aerosol and a slight counter pressure in the second nostril could some of the healing steam penetrate to the site of action – the inflamed paranasal sinuses.

Dr. Moeller also reported on a medical case showing that this therapeutic principle can be extremely beneficial: A patient with persistent chronic sinusitis was already scheduled for surgery. However, aerosol therapy with a PARI SINUS device then resolved the inflammation and the associated symptoms, and surgical intervention was avoided.

According to Dr. Moeller, chronic sinusitis is a very common disorder. He stated that it is estimated that about 10-15% of the European and US population are affected by this disease.


Abbildung - Pulsierendes Aerosol in den NasennebenhöhlenAbbildung - Pulsierendes Aerosol in den Nasennebenhöhlen

Animation: Ventilation studies with the radioactive gas 81m_Kr in front of the gamma camera: left: nasal inhalation without pulsation; right: nasal inhalation with pulsation. By courtesy of the Institute of Lung Biology and Disease  (iLBD) at HelmholtzZentrum München

Möller, W. et al. (2009) Ventilation and aerosolized drug delivery to the paranasal sinuses using pulsating airflow - a preliminary study. Rhinology 47, 405-412