Friday, 08. September 2017

Dr. Davia Viellechner is the New Managing Director of PARI GmbH

As of October 01st, 2017, Dr. Davia Viellechner has taken over the management of PARI GmbH from Dr. Johann Zimmermann.

Dr. Zimmermann continues to lead the PARI Group as CEO.

With Dr. Viellechner, the top management of PARI Group has chosen a young talent from its own ranks: After 9 years of experience as a management consultant for Boston Consulting Group, in January 2016 the holder of a degree in biotechnology joined PARI where most recently she chaired portfolio management.
During the last few months, Dr. Zimmermann had the opportunity to see Dr. Viellechner handling her variegated tasks, and he is convinced of her:  “Dr. Viellechner lives the basic values and management principles of the PARI Group and will contribute to continuing the success story of PARI GmbH.”

Dr. Viellechner is looking forward to her new tasks: “Air to breathe is the most essential thing for us humans to live. As a mother of two, I have had good experiences with the PARI products already long before coming to PARI. When children are ill, or whenever it is about respiratory diseases, you want to be able to simply rely unconditionally on the therapy. This is exactly what PARI guarantees: Each single item we sell is tested, so we can relieve patients, parents and family members of this care. Through high quality and innovation, we will continue to strive for the best therapeutic solution for our patients in the future as well.”

Here Dr. Viellechner envisions two important directions in innovation:
Improved user-friendliness through rapid performance of the therapy, mobile applicability, and easy handling minimise the effort for patients and make inhalation therapy available to an even wider range of users.
In addition, PARI develops holistic therapy solutions for chronic respiratory diseases, comprehensively ranging from diagnosis through inhalation and respiratory physiotherapy to monitoring of the state of health. The aim is to provide the doctor with everything necessary to enable the patient to have a customised therapy.