Starting October 1, 2015 PARI will cooperate with the China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation (SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE) to ensure reliable service and trustable availability of the original "made in Germany" PARI products to the people of China.

China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation will be the exclusive legal distributor of all PARI products sold in the territory of China and will be responsible for all marketing, technical support and other associated law issues for the PARI models sold in China.

PARI, the world-renowned German specialist in respiratory therapy, has set international standards in aerosol technology for more than a century. PARI is a strong family-owned company and operates its own research units and in-house production in Germany. After nearly 20 years of presence in China, PARI GmbH has decided to take a step forward to ensure a steady and improved availability of PARI devices in China. The exclusive agreement with our long term partner in China, Tian Zhuo Rui Feng Science & Technology Limited Co. will end by September 30, 2015.

Established in 1981, China National Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade Corporation (SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the largest Chinese Pharmaceutical enterprise -China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation (SINOPHARM Group). SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE's major business covers domestic and overseas medical industrial investment and international trade of pharmaceutical products. It has a long history of introducing advanced technologies and equipment to the Chinese market.

Acting as a bridge between the Chinese and international medical world in the field of pharmaceutical business, SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE has established close relationships with thousands of partners in more than 100 countries and regions.

This network of SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE will support PARI´s approach of providing combined solutions of drug and device to those that suffer from respiratory diseases. In the future PARI aims to collaborate more strongly with the international and local pharmaceutical industry to continue to offer the best possible solutions for inhalation therapy. This will result in a better fit of our products to the needs of the patients in China.

PARI is proud to partner with one of the largest Chinese corporations in China. Committed to their mission of "Caring for Life and Attending to Health", SINOPHARM FOREIGN TRADE is the perfect partner to implement the mission of the PARI GmbH in China: to improve the lives of those affected by respiratory diseases and those who provide care to them. This is reflected in PARI's comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and services.

PARI GmbH, August 2015